Laura L Buitrago

Web Developer & Printmaker

Photography | Artwork | Art Instagram | SmallCool 2021
9 years old standing in a field in Avebury

She/ Her, Latinx, SF based, 🇨🇴🇺🇸, Web Developer, and Artist

Lover of making 'all of the things', I'm passionate about creation and making things that bring joy. Whether it's a linocut print, a portfolio website, a fun Javascript animation or a web based game; I love making things and learning new mediums. I'm also passionate about access to technology and helping others make things too.

While I found out how to change my MySpace page as a teenager and used Drupal CMS when I worked non-profit in DC, I made a career change into web development in 2015 by attending General Assembly's Web Development Immersive Course and have been developing webs ever since!



HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SASS, Ruby, Python, Spanish, English, some French, elementary Italian & Korean

Frameworks / Libraries:

GreenSock, D3, React, Anim, Node.js, GraphQL, Express, Rails, AngularJS, JQuery, Bootstrap, Materialize, Foundation


Git/GitHub, Jekyll, Contentful, Netlify, Gatsby, Wordpress, Heroku, AJAX, JSON, Drupal, Square Space, Weebly, Ingeniux, Marketo, Exact Target, Jira, Wrike, Akamai, Bower, Bcrypt, Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe XD, Raiser’s Edge, Hobson’s, NetCommunity, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Erb, Ejs, Grunt, JSX

Other Skills

Responisve communication, Responsive Design, SEO optimization, Photography, Photo editing, Content creation, Social media, Customer Service, User centered design

Hot Air Baloons in Capadoccia

I love making beautiful things that DO something.

Skogalfoss Iceland


hot air baloons over cappadoccia

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graphite still life line drawing

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Let's make something great!

Tongariro crossing in New Zealand